Monday, November 21, 2011

I am become Death

Did you ever have a thought that stayed with you for much longer than it should? Keeping you up at night, playing on your mind while you drive or eat. I find this happens to me a lot, and I often think to myself "Hey, that would make a good Blog post". Then something inevitibly distracts me and the thought is pushed to the back of my mind, but not forgotten. This is one of those thoughts.

Hey guys.

I don't want to start this post all morbidly, but something has been playing on my mind for a long time recently. Did you ever think about how close we all come to death every single day? I don't mean we almost die and somehow survive every day, I mean we come close to being in that life or death situation.

This thought initially cropped up for me when I was driving down a country lane a while ago. Now, driving is a fairly save endeavor, assuming all the parties involved understand the rules of the road and abide by them. But have you ever thought about just how close you are to the cars coming the opposite direction? I mean, sitting where I am I am literally 2 1/2 feet from a car going what? 50Mph? Add that to my 50Mph and we have an impact with the force of 100Mph (Physics guys may want to correct me here). Now, thats a speed that will most likely kill me, and yet no one bats an eyelid about driving. We're just so used to it. Remember the first time you drove on the motorway? It felt so fast, so intense! After a little while though, the feelings subside, and it seems normal.

It's not just while driving that we trust that someone else isn't going to end us. Think about how much food you consume during a week. How many times do you eat something that wasn't prepared by you? Who knows what could have happened to food in a restaraunt or shop. We just trust that the food will be untainted and disease free.

I don't want to come off as some nut who thinks he's in a Final Destination film. If anything, I'm too carefree when it comes to food. I think nothing of eating off the floor, or not washing my hands before dinner. I just wanted to share a few thoughts i'd had on a subject that was playing on my mind.

I guess that's what this Blog is for. I should be posting here more often for my own intellecual needs, stretching the verbal muscles and releasing thoughts that would normally stay trapped in my head.

However, I doubt that 1am is the time, ESPECIALLY when I have to be out the door on the way to work at 5am.

Ah well, sleep is for the weak.

Catch you soon kids,


A picture quote for you, as compensation for my absence.